Beer Session 3 Redstone Watermelon Mead

What you know about Mead?  The boys enjoy some Redstone Watermelon Mead and discuss the history of beers Great Granddaddy.  The original party booze favored by Rowdy Vikings and Mythic  Druids it has been around 8,000 years for reason.  So get in touch with your inner Ragnar and have a listen!

Beer session 2 – Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

It’s an Irish surprise today boyos!  And the BnB crew will celebrate properly with this special one-off brew.  It’s Guinness… but different.  Look for it while you still can!  And you even get some Saint Patty’s history too.  Can’t miss…

Beer Session 1 – Hunahpu Imperial Stout

By popular demand, the guys are dedicating full episodes to Beers and Beers only!  And it’s a true white whale today, the Hunahpu Imperial Stout from Cigar City Brewing.  It’s got flavor.  It’s got history.  It’s even got a mythological tale involving sports!  Get ready hop heads!