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Brad Weaver
Beers and Birds

Having been integrated into the workforce for about twelve years and remaining in the same field for my tenure, my average workday has become a routine. The repetitive nature of what I do doesn’t bring me comfort. In fact, the tedium of feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog’s Day makes me dream of things to do outside healthcare. Being a glutton for punishment, I took a job 75 miles from home and decided to pursue a graduate level degree and climb the corporate ladder. However, an unceremonious release from my employer immediately after graduation allowed me to contemplate life. Moving forward, I was never again going to drive 3 hours a day every day for a job. I’m also finished with school (although I’ve said that two other times).

What do I love to do? Talk about the Philadelphia Eagles and drink craft beer. How am I going to do that? Through a podcast and a website! Who will do it with me? My friends who love Philly sports and craft beer. The basis for my dream had been established.

On March 26th, I along with my friends Rob and Mike utilized a cheap mixing board and microphones in the infamous Lounge in suburban Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We really had no idea what we were doing, but we hit play and recorded. It didn’t matter that our microphones didn’t work that day (recording occurred through the tiny microphone of one laptop for all three of us), the seed had sprouted and a new adventure had begun. It doesn’t matter that I said “in the grand scheme of things” like a broken record, nor is it a problem that Rob snorts into the microphone, nor that Mike brings up explicit topics that continually get edited out. We’re having fun, the weekly recording has made Sunday evenings one of the peaks of my week rather than a time to dread upcoming work. About two months later, we have 8 podcast episodes recorded, have added a regular correspondent from, Bleeding Green Nation and Inside the Pylon, as well as two website writers. I’m not here to tell you that we’re the next big thing, but that we’ve come a long way since day one, and I’m going to enjoy the ride. Cheers my friends, I promise more birds talk on future posts!

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