Episode 13: Beer session with Pim “Dutch” Harmsen Head Brewer at Iron Hill Lancaster

Special Beer Session Episode! The boys are in hop heaven being treated to a 5 beer tasting session with the brilliant, Pim “Dutch” Harmsen,  head Brewer at the Iron Hill Brewery in Lancaster, PA.  He’s Dutch, he’s an Eagle’s fan, and he makes fantastic brews. Grab yourself a growler and have a listen.  Bieren en Vogels gevuld met de goedheid!

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3 Replies to “Episode 13: Beer session with Pim “Dutch” Harmsen Head Brewer at Iron Hill Lancaster”

  1. Hi, Pim Dutch Harmsen’s dad here. I listened to your beers and birds episode and loved the program. Keep it up. Pim is right: I love Ale, but Ale doesn’t love me, especially in the morning after. Thanks. Remember: if it ain’t Dutch it ain’t Much. Cheers. 🍺🍺🍺🍺

    1. Hi Carel,
      It’s exciting to read such a positive response from you. Your son has a wealth of brewing knowledge, and it’s a pleasure to be his friend. Cheers to you sir!

      1. Thank you, Brad, for your nice words about Pim. That is about the most beautiful thing for a mom and dad to hear good thoughts about their children. Good to hear that you are friends. Carel Harmsen. Cheers. 🍺🍺

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