Episode 48: 2018 Post Draft Madness

The 2018 NFL  Draft !   It had pick trading,  Dallas shading and a 6’8″ 346 pound Rabbitoh. What else could you want?   Hey Dallas!  David Akers is your real DAD!

Beer Session 3 Redstone Watermelon Mead

What you know about Mead?  The boys enjoy some Redstone Watermelon Mead and discuss the history of beers Great Granddaddy.  The original party booze favored by Rowdy Vikings and Mythic  Druids it has been around 8,000 years for reason.  So get in touch with your inner Ragnar and have a listen!

Episode 46 Free Agent Madness

The boys recap Howie’s free agency Madness. Then take look at the current depth chart, and glances at the whackness of the  Michael Bennett legal situation.  And a touch of draft speculation. Dig in…

Episode 45 Howie’s back in the saddle

The guys are finally over their Super Bowl hangovers and ready to dive into more Eagles.  We get into the Michael Bennett and Torrey Smith deals and some pre free agency chatter.  The infamous Sean Cottrell is here too! Stay tuned

A quick update on what is going on with  Beers and Birds.

Episode 42 Super Bowl Deep Dive

It’s time for one final deep dive on the super bowl match up before Sunday! The BnB crew samples some Ourison saison suds from Tired Hands Brewery.  Sean and Brad have some secret tips to victory so Philly Dilly suck that dick.  Go BIRDS!!!